Why Every Business Owner Needs a Professionally Built Website

why business owners need a professionally built website
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Do you have a website built by a Digital Agency? If your answeris yes, then congratulations! You are one step ahead of the competition. It is no longer enough to just be “online.” In order to make sure that people can find your products and services, it’s crucial for businesses to have a professionally built site as well. This post will discuss why every business owner needs a professionally built website in today’s digital world.

What Is the Difference Between a Digital Agency and Web Design Company?

Digital Agencies are in charge of designing websites from scratch. They work with clients to get an idea about their branding needs or goals for their company website. Afterwards they create wireframes that will be used throughout this process. The agency then builds the site using coding language like HTML and CSS, while also collecting all images needed (usually through stock image sites). Ultimately, these types of agencies need time before sending over anything final to ensure it’s perfect according to client preferences.

Web Design Companies exist solely as designers but can do more depending on how much experience they have in general web development projects. They also get your site live on hosting and set up a maintenance plan. The Web Designer Company interface becomes more like simply hiring an artist (yes, someone who can paint) over commissioning someone else’s artistry.

Do You Need a Digital Agency or Web Design Company?

So, what are the best ways to tell whether you need a Digital Agency or Web Design Company? Below are a couple pointed questions that will help make that decision more fluid.

Do you have a clear sense of what your business is all about?  

When it comes to digital agencies, they are typically skilled inmany different fields and can offer more services. Web Design Companies tend to focus on just web design. Be sure that whoever you choose understands the scope of your project before jumping into anything else.

What Type of Design Do You Want for Your Site?

Digital Agencies typically work with multiple types of styles while web designers will often only focus on one style (i.e.,Modern vs Elegant). If you require something specific like ane-commerce solution then this could point towards hiring a web agency – but if not, then look at companies focused solely on website development.

Comparing Costs: Web Design Company vs. Digital Agency

We all know that web design is expensive. Unless you want the cheapest of cheap websites with no bells and whistles, like a static site or something to just get started faster (which are great options), then expect at least $5k-$10k+ for your website. But don’t worry! There’s an easy way out if you think it might be too much- find someone who can do both: Web Design Company vs Digital Agency services prices vary wildly so there will always be one perfect fit for what you need without having to scrape together cash from several sources.

Difference in Digital Agency vs. Web Design: Does It Matter?

professionally built website for business owners

The resounding industry-based answer is of course – YES! These minor word adjustments in the name drastically affect the type of business you are dealing with. This includes the experience, pricing and scalability you will receive as a client etc… Not knowing that there are different ‘types’ of web design or digital companies out there will hinder your ability to make an educated decision when looking for the right service.

Professional web designers and digital agencies are in the business of designing, implementing and maintaining websites that help businesses grow. Not only does this include creating a website for you to use today but also future-proofing it for changes as your company grows (i.e., responsive design). These professionals know the importance of creating profitable websites that work well on all platforms.

Why the Difference Between Digital Agencies and Web Design Companies Matters

A digital agency is a company that provides services and expertise in the realm of online marketing, often including web design. Digital agencies are experts with everything from SEO to conversion rate optimization (CRO) like high converting landing pages. They will work closely with a business to help maximize the business’ potential online by developing an integrated marketing strategy using tools such as branding, content development or social media management.

Web Design Companies offer professional website design for businesses needing a professionally designed site without all of the additional bells and whistles found on sites created by Digital Agencies.

Experience in Designing Websites

should a business owner invest in professional web design

First timers have an easier path breaking into the space utilizing a Digital Agency or Web Design company. WDCs are often a bit more ‘soft’ in their guidance of a client and terminology thrown at them, plus there’s not as many pieces of the puzzles that need to be assembled together when you’re starting out with one company versus another.

As far as working from scratch or hiring someone else, consult your previous experiences for feedback on what worked best for both parties so you can make better decisions going forward – it may take some trial-and-error but don’t give up!

Even though it is a tried and true axiom of marketing, the old adage that you get what you pay for does have validity. Digital agencies know this well from their experience in dealing with clients who are lured by cheap prices but then come up against budget constraints later on. We call this the bait and switch, don’t fall victim to the B&S. Designers still need to be able to create an attractive website at least as good looking as any other site out there — if not better!

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

Check Company Reviews: You want to be sure that the company you hire is reputable and has a proven track record in creating websites – this can mean doing your homework on what other companies have said about their experience.

Examine the Portfolio: Look for web design companies with an established portfolio of completed projects because it means they are capable of delivering quality work, not just making up excuses when things go wrong.

Know the Scope and Budget: Make sure you know how much time and money will be needed before signing anything! A good Digital Agency or Website Designer should act as a consultant by understanding your needs first, then outlining the scope of work so there are no surprises later.

Choosing Between DIY and Professional Web Services: What's at Stake?

In the world of web design, it’s not just about how a site looks. You have to think in terms of what you want users to do when they come across your webpage. That will largely determine which route is best for your business when it comes to design. Do they need help finding their way around? Is there something specific on this page that needs more attention than others? What calls to actions are going to perform best? What subtle design techniques keep users on the site? If these are things you can live without, which we recommend against, then building your own site might be a good route to save money.

A Digital Agency is the best bet for website development because building a site that will work for your business and makes the rest of the marketing process more efficient. It’s about knowing what you want, which route makes sense for your needs, and then finding an agency who can take care of everything from end-to-end!

Closing Thoughts

is a professionally built website better for business

Lucky for everyone, Maven Marketing Group is a full stack Digital agency with a focus on Web Design. We are constantly creating, updating and managing websites for businesses.

We have the expertise to create a site that will promote your business online because we know how important it is in today’s market. Maven can also manage all aspects of website design from start to finish including web hosting, domain name registration, eCommerce sites (including WordPress) as well as mobile friendly responsive website designs.

Roundups of our work can be found here:

● A few examples of websites we have created for other businesses.

● Examples of responsive web design in eCommerce website designs.

● Examples of WordPress sites that were built by Maven in the last year.

It is important to have a personality that meshes well with your business, and sometimes less is more! It’s up to the personalities behind this decision-making process that drive different ideals like values or convictions. So, do you want a website that drives results? Trust the experts. Contact Maven Marketing Group now to get started!

Hope this article helps you out! If you want more advice for expanding your reach, getting leads, & growing your business — let us know in the comment section below!

Or if you’d like help implementing any of these tactics into your business – drop us a line! We’d love if you left a comment/question for us to answer below!

Are you considering working with a Digital Agency or Web Designer?

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Do you want
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Hey, we’re Maven Marketing Group. 

We’re determined to make a business 

grow. Our only question is…

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