How to Build a Landing Page That Converts: Expert’s Guide

how to create a high converting landing page
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High converting landing pages, when mastered, can be very useful in driving inbound sales leads to a business. There are several ways a company can utilize a landing page, but how does one actually create such a page? Using a landing page correctly is crucial when aiming to increase sales for a business.

Statistically, high converting landing pages generate the most leads per visitor for a business. Moreover, leveraging those leads by converting them can be achieved by any business by following simple steps to create one.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the key elements of high converting landing pages. We’ll delve into how to distinguish them from homepages, design compelling CTAs, and optimize lead conversions to maximize sales.

High Converting Landing Pages 101

High Converting Landing Pages 101

What is a landing page?

A high converting landing page is a stand-alone page different from a homepage that serves a single targeted purpose. The main goal of a landing page should be to increase conversions on leads in order to reach goals set by the business for marketing and growth efforts. Landing pages are usually used for marketing campaigns, sales or featuring a single product. 

Each page featured on a website has its own purpose; a landing page should act as a portal to what you offer on your website. Landing pages can easily be created through web management tools like Elementor.

The difference between a Landing Page and a Home Page

People often confuse the difference between a landing page and a home page. Assuming they are the same can be detrimental to one’s landing page and vice versa. THEY ARE DIFFERENT!

A homepage serves multiple purposes but initially it is meant to welcome visitors to a website followed by guidance on where to go next. Homepages usually act as a navigation tool for users to learn about your company/product, and navigate elsewhere on the website. 

A landing page exists to convert page visitors into leads or sales. Many landing pages are used in tandem with ad campaigns and act as a lead management system or sales page. Statistically, landing pages have the highest conversion rate among “sign up” forms.

Benefits of high converting landing pages

Benefits of high converting landing pages

Lead Generation

It’s no secret that inbound sales are a godsend to any business. Effective landing pages will increase leads to your business. Your landing page should provide all the necessary information about the business, so it can be used as a customer qualifying tool.

When a lead comes in through a landing page the assumption can be made that this person understands what the landing page is providing and they want to learn more about the services provided by the business. These leads will overwhelmingly turn into conversions more often than not.

Increased SEO Ranking

Landing pages should always be created with certain keywords in mind. For example, Maven Marketing Group builds websites. When Maven makes a landing page focused on website builds keywords like “Web Design” “Web Presence” & “Digital Presence” are all mentioned throughout the page. This allows google to link the landing page to the website and tells google these words are directly associated with this company. Leveraging keywords in a landing page will create more backlinks to a company’s website and increase their digital presence.

Efficiency in the Sales Process

An effective landing page can streamline the sales process and make a business’s sales funnel more efficient. All the information ends up in the same place allowing for easy access to customer information. Efficiency in the sales process keeps businesses organized which allows for more conversions for the business.

Product Promotion

When a landing page focuses on a particular promotion itremoves a lot of irrelevant information that can distract a potential customer away from that specific product. Promoting a product on a landing page removes all other competition for that product on the page. Also, it allows businesses to track the success of a particular product, goal or set of keywords.

Creating High Converting Landing Pages

Creating High Converting Landing Pages

The Call to Action

The call to action is one of the most important necessities for a business to have on a landing page. This is what is going to prompt the user to take the next step and either enter their information, or purchase the goods on the page. The CTA is designed to turn visitors into leads for the business. Without the CTA, a landing page is rendered mostly useless, if the landing page is designed well all it will be is something pretty to look at. 

Make your call to action BIG. The bigger the better. Use compelling words like “Start Today” “Request Consultation” “Start Your Project” and other persuasive one liners. Make the words compelling.

Use a clickable icon or button. Visitors are trained to expect clickable CTA’s on web pages and businesses should leverage that so no friction is created when converting a visitor into a lead.

Color can be a huge driving factor when trying to get visitors to click on a CTA. Use contrasting colors that can be associated with your brand that stick out on the page. The CTA needs to catch the visitor’s eye.

The positioning of a CTA, accompanied with a strategically designed landing page, initiates the entire flow of the page. Visitors should be greeted with a call to action immediately and comforted with design elements on the page.

Use Social Proof

Social proof refers to a company’s past work, social media presence, and what the community thinks about the business. Specifically, likes on social posts, subscribers, reviews, featured work etc… These should be displayed clearly on your landing page.

Why is this important?

According to HubSpot research 82% of consumers proactively seek referrals from peers before making a purchase. Recommendations from others play a massive role in consumer purchasing decisions. Having a solid community will help you win over potential customers in the future.

How to incorporate social proof is the next question…

  • Use customer testimonials from real people. The people who have taken the time to review a product are fans of your business! When other people see this they receive the proof they need to move forward in the buying process. The testimonials that should be featured should be most relevant to the audience your business is trying to target. Testimonials should be specific; the best testimonials are the ones backed up by factual statistics and data. 

  • Use completed projects. Leveraging completed projects shows potential clients your work and the competence of your business. 

  • Use pictures; pictures create trust with potential clients. It is important that every testimonial and project is accompanied by a photo.

Make sure to include “The Offering”

It is imperative that a value proposition is established so the customer knows what they will be getting out of the current exchange. What’s in it for me? The answer to that question should be featured on the page.

Your offering can be leveraged across the entire page. One of the best ways to convey your offering is through a list of benefits. Many landing pages with a high conversion use bulleted lists to explain the benefits of their product or service. The benefits should be targeted to potential clients. Avoid talking about the company and focus on the benefits a customer will get from using the product or service.

When writing a value prop the emphasis needs to be that the visitor will be better with the product or service not “our business is awesome, use our good or service.”

For example, the positioning of a CTA, accompanied with a strategically designed landing page, initiates the entire flow of the page. Visitors should be greeted with a call to action immediately and comforted with design elements on the page.

When a company sells hosting and maintenance services a first response may be to say “We have 99.99% uptime” when utilizing this information that business should say “ Your website will have 99.99% uptime” There is a difference! One focuses on just the company and the other focuses on the customer’s experience while using the product or service.

The Truth About High Converting Landing Pages

The Truth About High Converting Landing Pages

The World is Your Oyster

Although there are tips and tricks to improve a landing page there is no perfect way to create one. Explore!

Landing pages that convert are the most successful landing pages. There are many different types of landing pages that successfully convert visitors into leads. Each usually has a different CTA to drive a user to a different product or service indifferent markets.

A/B testing will make the journey to finding the best landing page successful. Businesses must try different types of landing pages to find out which one performs best.

Despite huge variations some things do remain constant. Although there isn’t one prescription for the perfect landing page, the tips highlighted above should give any business the best possible chance to convert on a landing page on the first try. And if you’re looking for a more direct approach, bypassing the intricacies of the ‘whys’ and ‘how-tos’, you’re in the right place; we’ve got you covered!

Maven Marketing Group proudly stands as a leader in the web design industry. We don’t just craft pages; we breathe life into your vision, presenting it on-screen in ways that genuinely resonate with your audience. Beyond their visual appeal, our landing pages are structured for maximum conversion efficiency—because attracting an audience is only half the battle; retaining and converting them is where the real success lies. Ready to elevate your online presence? Reach out to us today!

Hope this article helps you out! If you want more advice for expanding your reach, getting leads, & growing your business — let us know in the comment section below!

Or if you’d like help implementing any of these tactics into your business – drop us a line! We’d love if you left a comment/question for us to answer below!

What are you currently doing to create a high-converting website?

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