8 Necessities for a Small Business Website… That Work

small business website web necessities
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Think of your business website as your digital office. It’s a placewhere potential clients or customers can see the ins and outs of your business with a click of a button.

It makes it easy for potential clients to do business with you rather than someone else. The trick to driving exactly what you want through your site, such as sales and leads, all comes down to design.

To create a small business website that works, you should first look for easy-to-use web design platforms and, more importantly, ensure your website possesses certain qualities. So, what are these essentials? Let’s explore the most important necessities for a small business website.

Specialized Appearance

Your website design needs to set itself apart from others in your industry. How do you do that? Make your website look as professional as possible.

A standard website template/homemade design is not going to cut it. Unless you’re an experienced website designer, like the team members at Maven Marketing Group, you should consider hiring a professional to design a website for yourcompany.

Content. Content. Content.

Content not only tells users that you’re a thought leader in your industry – it also allows google to properly index your website so you can start ranking for SEO.

When someone comes to your business website, they are seeking out information about your business, products or service.

In normal circumstances people don’t just stumble upon websites, they are there for a reason. The more information you can provide for them the more value they will get out of your website.

For example, if you’re a small private equity firm and you’re trying to get more funding; posting blogs about best practices in your field, or the keys to acquisition is great value-added content.

The more value you can provide for users makes the users believe that you deserve their business because you are the thought leader in your space. Content. Content. Content.

Call-to-Action is the Promised Land

small business website web design

A Call-to-Action (CTA) is the most important thing a business can have on their website. This is what drives users on your website to get in contact with you. UH OH, Leads coming through!

User’s should be greeted with CTA’s throughout your website to drive them to you. The CTA should always lead to a contact page, whether it be a submittable form or posted contact information.

It’s not good enough to just have a display email address. You need an explicit CTA that captures why the user is here and why they need to get in contact with you so you can help as soon as possible.

Online Payment

If you have a product that can be sold online, you have to make purchasing online easy for potential customers.

Be sure to invest in a good shopping cart that accepts all major credit cards – and maybe even Bitcoin. It’s the currency of the future after all!

Companies like Maven Marketing Group partner with numerous industry-leading vendors that provide the gold standard for purchasing products/services online.

Make Your Users Feel Safe

small business website and ssl certification

In the digital era we always hear stories of major companies losing customer information over mass data breaches. You MUST make sure your users feel that your website is not a threat to them.

The first step to take when building trust with your user base is having the appropriate SSL certification on your website. SSL certification enables encrypted connection and is symbolized by a padlock next to your URL.

Businesses that sell goods online should also have customer reviews about their products and display that they support every major credit card – shown with icons.

These tactics help create a level of trust with your customers that will make them feel comfortable on your website!

Search Engine Optimization

Mentioned earlier in the article, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your website gets ranked on search engines like Google. 

Creating a path to get prospective customers to your website is tedious but absolutely necessary for your business! 

Social Media Integration

small business website and social media integration

Today almost 91% of US businesses use social media for marketing purposes. Having a social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc… further legitimizes your business and can be a huge factor in driving more traffic to your website.

The shift to social media marketing has made peer to peer recommendations more valuable to your business’s success.

What does this mean for your business? It means the more platforms your business is on, the more eyeballs that will see your product, which then drives more customers to your website!

Web Hosting

I cannot stress this enough… 100% of the time, the quality of your web hosting directly correlates with the quality of your business. 

A quality business will always have a quality hosting service. Hosting is the lifeblood of your website – it is the plot of land your website sits on. 

If you build on a marsh you are going to sink. You MUST have a strong foundation otherwise your website won’t perform how you want it to perform. 

You are far better off paying for a hosting service that guarantees uptime and great service rather than having excessive downtime with no access to your businesses website at all.


In the digital age, your small business website serves as the face of your company. From design aesthetics to robust content and strong CTAs, every element plays a pivotal role in attracting and

retaining potential clients. Prioritizing essential features like SSL certifications, quality hosting, and a seamless online shopping experience can set your business apart in a saturated market.

As the online realm continues to evolve, ensuring that your website meets these eight necessities not only fortifies your digital presence but also solidifies your position as an industry leader.

Your website often makes the first impression—ensure it’s a lasting one. When you’re aiming for the best, remember you’re not alone in this digital journey; Maven Marketing Group is here to support you.

As Chicago’s premier web designers, we guarantee that every small business website we develop meets and exceeds these 8 critical standards. Rely on us for designs that not only enchant but also convert visitors into leads! Reach out today.

Hope this article helps you out! If you want more advice for expanding your reach, getting leads, & growing your business — let us know in the comment section below!

Or if you’d like help implementing any of these tactics into your business – drop us a line! We’d love if you left a comment/question for us to answer below!

Which of these necessities are you already implementing with your small business website? Which ones have you been overlooking?

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Do you want
more traffic?

Hey, we’re Maven Marketing Group. 

We’re determined to make a business 

grow. Our only question is…

will it be yours?

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