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Social Media Advertising
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One of the hardest parts of becoming a booming, professional and profitable business that everyone dreams of is acquiring clients to help get the ball rolling.

Social media advertising might be the fastest and simplest technique to meet business clients and objectives if it includes wanting to reach new audiences.

Businesses can build their following with ads, acquire website clicks and drive sales for the brand or business by using the correct social media ad strategy.

Social media advertising, or social media targeting, is publicity or advertisements from businesses for social media platform users. Social networks leverage user information to serve advertisements and marketing depending on interactions inside a certain platform. In many circumstances, social media can deliver a massive spike in conversions, customer reach and sales with lower acquisition cost when the target market is in line with the user demographics of a social platform.

How to Benefit from Social Media Advertising

Social media targeting

Whilst its effectiveness is beyond question in this day of age, do you have any idea how businesses actually are affected by social media advertising? How does a business influence their goals and the real benefits of social media advertising?

With nonstop marketing, social media advertising improves brand awareness and visibility for PNC’s (potential new clients).

The impact on brand recognition is one of the most clear benefits of publicity in social media. It helps consumers, many of whom may never have heard of the business before, who are not following the brand in social media. This is what many businesses forget, a majority of the time the first impression comes from a consumer on the social media page. FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER!

With that, companies obtain 3x more visits from non-customers via social media because of social media advertising.

There are not many ways non-customers and non-followers can learn about a company without promoting it. By targeting the PNC’s with social media ads, the best approach to access them and improve brand recognition comes with the click of a button.

After reaching a wide and distributed audience, there is little doubt that these other benefits of social media advertising will also have an impact on conversion rates. Companies will also see a rise in conversion rates through social media advertising since they reach a wider, more relevant audience and lead high-quality visitors to the site.

The Socials Field

Try to see whether social networks are good for the brand organically. Where does its material strike a fan chord? Where does a majority of clients spend their time using these platforms? With a recent social media study concluded from the Pew Research Center, businesses are able to get a quick glance at where a majority of their clientele are active.

Social Media marketing

With these fact sheets, using the analytics to identify where companies can gain the most insight to PNC for potential new advertising campaigns.

Forms of Social Media Ads

With all the different platforms available for use, a business has to understand the in’s and out’s of each social media platform. Each platform has the ability to advertise products on scale that has never been seen before in many different ways shown below.

Video Advertising

Video publicity features range from small, automatically looped video clips to original desktop-promoted 241-minute films. Video advertising can be developed, which play in other films or can share it within different platforms. When managed by a digital marketing professionals, social media advertising campaigns can optimize these video formats for maximum impact across platforms.

It is vital to have sound objectives and know who your target market is and where your video will reach them with so many different alternatives.

Short videos are usually completed at higher speeds. But you can go a little longer if you have a compelling point. Video can assist show the services clearly—such as a great dance class—and stand out in a generally static news feed.

Photo Advertising

Photos and advertising have been interconnected for the longest time. It’s been over a century since photography was first utilized by advertising to connect with an audience and to build emotional ties. In today’s digital age, agencies specializing in social media advertising leverage photography to capture attention and engage users across various platforms. When utilized in a unified campaign combining content and tone, direct and emotional quality of photography will remain an important means of conversion driving and maximizing ROI.

Good use of photographs can link an entire notion of advertising. Stock photography now has a place in marketing and advertising, but it may also show a lack of product or service originality. Failure to use images or photographs can weaken or destroy a campaign since it has no genuine impact. This can be brought about by photography. Remember, commercial messages overwhelm consumers from the original product.

Carousel and Slideshow Advertising

Social media marketing strategy

A majority of social media platforms use carousel and slideshow advertising when it comes to photographs of graphics. A carousel set uses multiple images, for example A Facebook carousel ad lets you include up to 10 images or videos, each with their own link, all in one ad.

Playable Advertising

With watching pages through scrolling, buttons clicking interactions, the user is able to interactively play their video or draft of the game, app, ect. Playable ads are not only a new form of advertising, but a great way to engage an audience into something new.

Explore Page Advertising

social media marketing for business

Instagram has added a number of ad formats and options since its launch, making the social network an increasingly valuable space for advertisers. Social media advertising is seen by many as the next step in digital marketing, and one with a great potential for social good. The explore page, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other profitable social media brands offers the user to scroll through an “explore” page where they can find products, pictures, and other media specifically tailored to their own personal interests.

Promote Button Advertising

Promotion Button advertising comes in many different forms similar to what was already mentioned above. A promotion button allows users to gather a special “one-time offer” from the site with a random percent generator giving the clients a special discount.  It is usually a simple matter of pressing the promotion button to receive your discount. Social media advertising is much more than just promoting posts on social media sites, there are many different forms and ways you can advertise through these channels successfully.

Maven Marketing's Expertise for Social Media Success

Social Media as marketing tool

One of the secret keys to social media advertising is to know what the target audience likes, and then using that information as a way to develop targeted ads. Social media has enabled advertisers, journalists, celebrities, politicians – everyone in the public eye to reach audiences directly through their personal networks of friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter for instance. This is not just an opportunity for people wishing to promote their brand or business, but a simple way to grow a network.

If you have found tactics and insights we have shared here useful, imagine what a tailored social media strategy could do for your brand. Maven Marketing Group has proven expertise in digital marketing, website management and web design. We have helped companies around the globe take control of their digital presence and achieve real, measurable results. Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with your customers and owning the digital space. It can be used to increase the number of followers, create buzz, or drive conversion rates. Don’t leave your social media efforts to chance. Tap into the power of targeted advertising and digital expertise to connect with your audience like never before. Contact Maven Marketing Group today and let’s build a digital marketing strategy that actually works!

Hope this article helps you out! If you want more advice for expanding your reach, getting leads, & growing your business — let us know in the comment section below!

Or if you’d like help implementing any of these tactics into your business – drop us a line! We’d love if you left a comment/question for us to answer below!

How will you use social media to expand your audience and increase conversion rates?

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Do you want
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Hey, we’re Maven Marketing Group. 

We’re determined to make a business 

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